Bodegas RE – Continuing a tradition of innovation after 9 generations. 

Winery: Bodegas RE

Region: Casablanca and Maule


Wine: RE Doble


Type: Red Blend


Varietal:  Garnacha and Carignan, both grafted in an old Pais vine.


Production: 3,000 bottles


Wine: RE Syranoir


Type: Red Blend

Varietals: Syrah, Pinot Noir


Production: 8,000 bottles.



Not every day you learn about someone who is the 9th generation on the same line of business.  Pablo Morande is one of them and he is now continuing this rich history with his new venture Bodegas RE, which was formed in 2008.  This new venture of Pablo Morande continues with this long tradition of producing quality wines and this time he is doing it with his 3 children who all are enologists.  So far, we found this pretty impressive, but this is just a small part of the story behind the wines we will bring to the US.

Bodegas RE was built in Casablanca, a region that Pablo Morande discovered in the early 80’s and back when everybody thought it crazy to produce wine in this coastal region.  Today Casablanca is well known for quality wines.  Mr. Morande has also made bets for varietals such as Carignan and Pais.  In the case of Bodegas RE this innovation tradition lives on and that in part is where the name come from:  RE-birth, RE-create, RE-discover.  Along these lines the Morandes started production of wines at RE reincorporating very old methods of production such as utilizing clay amphoras.   Today this is becoming more popular given that it is well know now that clay allows micro-oxygenation while allowing the grape to shine.  This is the beginning, and then you find a blend of Carignan and Garnacha, which is not entirely surprising, but then you learn that the grapes come from the same vine.  Moreover you learn that the two varietals were grafted in an old (aprox. 60 years) Pais vine.  This wine comes from Mr. Morande’s sweetheart region in Maule.  In the end you try the wine and that’s when your mind goes up in flames. Another blend is a Syrah and Pinot Noir, which in my mind is really counterintuitive to mix two such different grapes.  A Syrah that is super dominant with a Pinot Noir that is a super delicate and subtle grape is not something that any producer will probably consider, but the results speak for themselves and it is genius.  Yes, we went there, it is something super special and something that we hope you will appreciate and love as much as we do.

Bodegas RE at this point has quite a few more offerings that we hope to introduce to you in the near future.  Don’t forget to check their website:  Salud!