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“There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story". Tyrion Lanister

The crescent moon has long been a symbol of rebirth and new cycles in life: birth of new ventures, relationships, and new beginnings. This is how Crescent Imports was born right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and turned our lives upside down.  Somehow Crescent survived the crisis and new cycles continue as the company grows in this rapidly changing industry and environment. 

At Crescent we believe we all have a history to tell.  Wine is not different and we love learning about the rich history behind each of the wines we are proud to represent.  History implies change and we embrace the changes that life throws at us. 

Rafael Cervantes, the founder of Crescent Imports, is a Mexican national with roots in coastal Asturias, Spain.  Rafael’s early years in Mexico City were around a big (and loud) family gathering around a table always filled with good food and wine.  This may have been where the seed of Crescent Imports was planted.  Rafael went on to mayor in mathematics and pursued a career in banking.  A few years later Columbia Business School brought Rafael to NY where he continued his career in banking. After more years than he likes to admit in this industry Rafael decided to hit the reset button and pursue a career which really satisfied him and made him feel realized and connected with his early roots: to him this meant wine. 

Crescent Imports started operations in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic and 3 years later like SARS-CoV2 virus, we continue to evolve and adapt.  Changes will continue to mold our view of the market and the portfolio may take different shapes, but our commitment to service and love for what we do will remain unchanged.  We hope you will join us in this journey of discovery and zest for life.

About us

Salud, Cheers, Sante, Salute, Le Haim and so on...

That’s what we say each time you raise a glass of wine with friends, with family, with loved ones. We celebrate our happiness, our zest for life with wine… and we wish those around us good health to keep enjoying it with us.

 At Crescent we are committed to bringing you the best wines that we can find in the markets in which we specialize. Wines are ever changing and evolving. They are complex and fascinating, however, we believe enjoying them doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. If you like wine you can always be exploring and enjoying new products boldly.

We will work with producers that have the deepest respect for the grapes and the process to come up with  the best possible wine. We will bring those wines to you. We will tell you the history of the wine you’re drinking, so you not only enjoy its taste, you can enjoy its origin.

We will treat with respect all our collaborators, partners, and customers. You are the people  that make our  business possible .

We will  work with you so you can  enjoy wine with good food and good friends. Enjoy every moment.  There is no better day than today to open that “special” bottle of wine you have been  saving.

Do you want to taste a good wine?

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