Aymar – Tradition and history meet elegance and modern world, a match made in heaven

Winery: AYMAR

Region: Penedes (Barcelona)


Wine: AYMAR ICE Extra Dry


Type: Sparkling

Varietals: Xarel-lo, Macabeu, Parellada, plus Vermouth as expedition liquor

Aging: At least 40 months in bottle

Production: 25,000 bottles



Wine: AYMAR Reserve Brut Nature


Type: Sparkling

Varietal: Xarel-lo, Macabeu, Parellada


Aging: At least 24 in bottle

Production: 35,000 bottles


Wine: AYMAR Reserve Rose


Type: Sparkling


Varietal: Garnacha

Aging: at least 22 months in bottle

Production: 15,000 bottles


The history of Aymar brand begins with the Ferrer family in the late 1880s with Gregori Ferrer and then his son Francisco started producing wine in bulk from his vineyards.  The wine was earmarked to be exported to Cuba.  This tradition continued until the current Gregori Ferrer had the vision to understand that they had a high-quality, value added product and that they could produce and distribute their wine under their own brand.  The Ferrer family carries the tradition of the wine production, but it had to be the female side of a marriage that brought to life the brand Aymar.  The name comes from the name of Lluisa Aymar, wife of Francesc Ferrer and a lover and promoter of Catalan wines.  Today the female touch lives on through the trained hands of Nuria Ferrer Aymar.  Just to be perfectly clear on the “female” touch: we meant that the first thing you appreciate of the Aymar wines are a beautiful label that is all about attention to detail.   When you open the bottle and taste thee wines it is clear that they are balanced, refreshing, elegant, and simply put delicious.  It does not take a long time after you meet Nuria, that her passion and pride is reflected in everything that goes into each of their wines.


After 5 generations harvesting wines, Aymar today benefits from old and owned vines.  They are very proud of their fields and they grow the grape with utmost respect utilizing organic practices.  Grapes are hand-picked and treated with love to extract the best must that will eventually be labeled.  Love, respect, and tradition is not all that goes into the bottle.  They like to spice things up with some innovation.  The best example is the ICE wine.  Aymar also produces a small amount of Vermouth from the skins of grapes used to make their wines.  This Vermouth is then used as an expedition wine to complete their ICE.   The end result is a fresh, elegant, and slightly spicy sparkling wine that is ideal to enjoy on the rocks as an aperitif or, frankly, at any moment of the day.  The best way we can find to describe it would be as an elegant and sophisticated Aperol Spritz ready to drink.


Aymar not only produces sparkling wine, now under the Penedes appellation, but also still wine using their varietals: Macabeu, Xarel-lo, Parellada, and Garnacha.  They do it as a monovarietal or a blend.  All of them are extraordinary and we were blown away when trying for the first time a Xarel-lo still wine.  AYMAR now bottles their wines under the appellation Classic Penedes.  To be able to receive this stamp of approval the wine needs to come from owned vineyards, which is not always the case under the CAVA appellation. Also, wines are vintage, which the appellation believes will add to the singularity of the land where the wines come from.


We want to introduce these wine with a small selection of sparkling wines and we hope to grow with a few more in their portfolio.  Don’t forget to check out their website and let us know if there is anything you would like to try.  We’ll do our best to get our hands on a few cases and share it with you.   We are super excited to help Aymar keep making their trips across the Atlantic, but now to our latitude where we know there are enough well-trained palates to appreciate wines of this quality.