Pazos de Baro  – The hunt for a lost treasure


Winery: Pazos de Baro

Region: Monterrei


Wine: Pazos de Baro


Type: White


Varietals: Godello


Production: 14,000 bottles


We begin the introduction of this producer remembering a piece of The Alchemist of Paulo Coelho: “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  How we met this producer started at a visit to a producer in Rueda, Verdeal.  We were met by Silvia Garcia the head enologist.  We had a wonderful time at the winery and we really liked their wines, but what we loved the most was the energy and passion of Silvia.  While talking with her, she told us about her hectic life working as enologist not only on this winery, but also with others and also collaborating with a laboratory.  All this while juggling with the demands of raising a couple of young children.  During our conversation we told her about the tour we were doing through Spain in search of wines to form a portfolio and we mentioned we were in search of a Godello.  As luck would have it Silvia’s husband Javier, who happened to be at the winery in Rueda had just started producing a Godello in Galicia, specifically out of Monterrei.  They happened to have a few samples, which we tried and we immediately loved.


Silvia’s intensity has paid off in so many levels.  Her experience working with different varietals and with chemistry has cross pollinized her products.   She has learned to tame the acidity of the white grapes she works with, while at the same time bringing out the aromatic properties of each varietal.  On top she is able to achieve a white which is unctuous, rich, and well rounded.  Her whites have proven to pass the test of time.  All in all the Godello we bring to you is a home run.


We started talking about luck and the universe conspiring to achieve your dreams.  In the case of Javier Baro this is also true.  When you look at the label of the bottle the first thing that jumps at you is a lock.  The story is that it has taken seven keys to unlock the chest to a treasure.  The seven keys represent the 7 siblings of Javier Baro, who wanted to pay a special homage to their father.  The answer to the treasure the lock hides is hidden inside the bottle of this rich Godello.  Open one bottle and try to figure out what hidden treasures lie inside.


We hope you will enjoy this wine made up of this special varietal with us.



Pazos de Baro