Jose Pariente – Girl power breaking paradigms


Winery: Jose Pariente

Region: Rueda


Wine: Jose Pariente Verdejo


Type: White


Varietals: Verdejo


Production: 600,000 bottles



Wine: Jose Pariente Sauvignon Blanc


Type: White


Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc


Production: 120,000 bottles


Wine: Jose Pariente Verdejo oak fermented


Type: White


Varietal: Verdejo


Production: 25,000 bottles


The history of Jose Pariente begins back in the early 1960’s when Jose Pariente saw the potential of Verdejo varietal and the right conditions to grow it in the Rueda region.  In 1998 Mr. Pariente’s daughter, Victoria, continued with the tradition of her father by founding the cellar Jose Pariente.  At this point we know that you have heard many times over the story of winemakers following the family tradition and we are right there with you. What we found truly extraordinary about the history of Jose Pariente, besides of course their extraordinary wines, was the bravery of Victoria to bet for a relatively unknown varietal and push it as a high-end wine.  Moreover, Victoria took the risk in an industry still dominated by men.  Her bet paid off and today Jose Pariente is recognized as a high-end, high-quality wine.   Lucky for us the story does not end there.  Throughout its history Jose Pariente has embraced change and is constantly innovating by incorporating new technologies to improve the quality of their wines.

Victoria Pariente just stepped down as winemaker and left the spot to her daughter Martina.  The family tradition continues and we are happy to see Martina take over the production of these wines.  Martina is young, energetic, highly skilled and, we believe, the right person to look after a business of the size and prestige of Jose Pariente.  Martina and her brother Ignacio are at the helm of the business and they are also trying to make their own mark in the wine industry.  Both have created their own brand, Prieto Pariente, which is trying to make inroads into the red wines.  The results are extremely interesting.  You start with winemakers of white wine producing red wine and the result is a smooth, elegant red wine.  They are just starting and we know that the wine will only become better with more experience in this new venture.

Also, the innovation that these young winemakers bring to the table is now reaching the vineyards, where organic practices are being introduced.  We know all the small changes they are bringing into the mix will just enhance the quality of the wines.

We begin the introduction of Jose Pariente’s wines with their backbone wines: Jose Pariente Verdejo, Jose Pariente Sauvignon Blanc, and Jose Pariente oak fermented.  As we grow, we will introduce other extraordinary wines, such as a sweet version of their Sauvignon Blanc and, of course, the red wines we described from Prieto Pariente.  Check their website and let us know what pikes your interest so we can move faster with some varietals.




Jose Pariente Verdejo

Jose Pariente Sauvignon Blanc

Jose Pariente Verdejo aged in Oak