BOWINES – Bridging old Chile wines with the modern, boutique producers

Winery: Bowines


Peumal in the Maule Valley for Carignan

Lolol in the Colchagua Valley for Malbec

Caliboro in the Maule Valley for Tempranillo

Requinoa in the Valle de Cachapoal for the Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine: Fillo

Type: Red

Varietal: Carignan


Production: 4,500 bottles



Wine: Fillo


Type: Red


Varietal: Malbec


Production: 2,000 bottles.




Wine: Fillo

Type: Red


Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon


Production: 4,500 bottles.



Wine: Fillo


Type: Red


Varietal: Tempranillo


Production: 1,500 bottles


Chilean wines have become world famous for their Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere mainly, but above all they have developed a reputation of reliable value wines.  Wineries such as Los Vascos and Concha y Toro have flooded the market with good reliable wine, but that we do not feel captures the personality of the producer or the terroir.   They are good wines for any ordinary day where you don’t want to enjoy a good story and a sophisticated wine that will tell the story of the producer, the terroir, the weather for that given year among others.  Then we met Bowines and they told us about their boutique wine where wines are produced considering the terroir, but above all respect for the land, its produce, and people that work around them.  Their first wines, in the Fillo line, looked to extract all the characteristics described above so none of these wines pass through oak.  The result are super fresh, fun, fruit forward wines that are balanced.  Bowines continues down the tradition of value wines, but delivering a wine filled with a fun personality.


Alvin Miranda, Bowines partner and enologist, spent a good time of his career in Spain working successfully as a oenological advisor for a couple of wineries throughout Spain y he started a couple of high-quality, boutique bodegas in Spain.  In 2012 he returned to Chile and he found what he considered a prime piece of land in the Maule region, specifically Peumal, to grow Carignan.  He named his project Fillo, which means son in Aragones.  The name is an homage to the origin of this grape and also a way of remembering his enology roots in Spain and above all a tribute to his only child.  We like that the old world (Spain) learning is at the base of the work of Bowines.  We also love the passion that is put into revolutionizing a well entrenched industry in Chile, but above all we love the results in each bottle of wine.  We hope you’ll love them too.