Bodegas Diez Gomez

Bodega Diez Gomez – The matadors of Toro

Winery: Bodega Diez Gomez

Region: TORO

Wine: La Jota de To Roble


Type: Red


Varietals: Tinta de Toro


Production: 5,500 bottles


Wine: La Jota de To Crianza


Type: Red


Varietal Tinta de Toro


Production: 6,000 bottles


Rioja may be the best know and biggest wine appellation in Spain, but Toro is perhaps the oldest in the country and a region that in the XII century benefited from a royal benefit that all wines should come from this region.  Moreover, Toro wines were selected by Cristopher Columbus on its discovery trip of America because of its longevity.  History tells us that one of the caravels of Cristopher Columbus, La Pinta, was named after the Toro wines.   That is how rich the history of this region is in the wine world, but then we met Bodegas Diez Gomez and we were blown away by how they have embraced this rich history and translated into wines of extraordinary quality and what we call the modern Toro wines. Wines that respect the rich traditions of the area but are easy to enjoy without the famed potency and full body of Toro wines.

Oscar Diez and his wife Laura are behind this winery that was created in 2016.  Each brings complementary elements to this venture and the end result is a great portfolio of Toro wines filled with traditions from the region.  Mix in (pun intended) mixology into the business and you have wines, that will make you dance, sing, and drink.  Oscar comes from a long family line in the hospitality and wine business so he understands people’s tastes and how to attend to them.  Laura brings into the mix traditional dance and folklore (La Jota). One quick look at the label of these wines and everything we’ve briefly described here makes sense.  Every label includes a traditional outfit designed to dance a Jota.  The label also incudes a recipe for mixing a cocktail.  In the beginning this sounds like sacrilege, but it makes perfect sense and the results are amazing.  Mixing high quality mixers, including wine, in the right percentages results in extraordinary cocktails.  Try them!  Everything we have described is a tell-tale of attention to detail and this rapidly becomes evident when you open the bottle of wine and you try a juicy, velvety, smooth wine from Toro that begs for you to pour the next glass and enjoy it with someone.

Oscar and Laura, not foreign to innovation recently launched a new line of wine under the Americo brand.  The big thing that makes this wine different is the oak that is used for aging.  Americo is aged using Spanish oak and the difference is notorious.  The flavors of chestnut rapidly appear.  This is a super fun wine and we will consider bringing this to our area in the near future once you learn to love these wines.  We’ll also consider bringing a young wine where no oak is utilized and you get to fully appreciate the grapes.  Super fresh and super fun.  Cheers,



La Jota de To Roble

La Jota de To Crianza